Video: Introducing

Once upon a time, I didn’t know who I was, and that made me depressed, overwhelmed and insecure.   The problem was, I was also pretty functional.  I could almost make it through this life - going to work, paying my bills, dining out.  

Thankfully, I lost my patience.  

On the other side of a journey, I found my work, my life.  It is a project always in progress - except when I remember that there is no project.  And then I am free.  

If you’re curious or confused or losing your patience, let’s talk.  I have fancy theories and I’ve earned my letters - but I’m helpful because I love to be with people as they meet themselves.  Wisdom is born when we notice and welcome all parts of ourselves - the angry parts, the frightened parts, the joyful parts.  So when you are ready to understand yourself more deeply, it would be my privilege to help you explore!

In my work, I help my clients be attentive to the present moment, allowing unconscious habits to become conscious, and help them live more gracefully with life's inevitable pain.   Visit the Methods section for a deeper look. 

I am a Certified Hakomi Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addictions Counselor and graduated summa cum laude from Regis University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2014.  Before starting my private practice, I served as a clinical therapist in the Jefferson County Jail.  

I have been studying and practicing meditation since 2010 as part of the Denver Shambhala community, and teach mindfulness through the inspiring organization, Be Mindful.  Before finding my life's work as a clinical therapist, I spent 10 challenging years in corporate America. My transformation began in 2005, when  I joined the Peace Corps and then traveled overland through the Middle East and Africa with my wife.

Read more about my journey here.