Live Your Truth

The sinking feeling on Sunday is difficult to ignore, but week after week you just press forward.  You are frustrated by the invisible forces that sabotage your escape.  The forces are your Core Beliefs and they love predictability and hate change.  Here’s how to break free:

  • Understand what you want out of life, at a gut level.  
  • Discover your unconscious core beliefs (e.g. “as long as people think I’m smart, they will accept me” or “I am always stressed”).
  • Realize how these core beliefs have shaped your life.
  • Use self-awareness to change and grow!  

Why is has it been so hard?  Because you have competing needs: predictability and growth.  Even if you have been trying desperately to change, your need for homeostasis pulls you back into your old ways.    

Give growth a chance!  You have decided enough is enough so let's untangle some things, learn about what makes you tick and discuss some practical ways to reduce your distress.  

It’s time to finally live your truth.


How?  See the “Methods” section.